DARK SHADOWS was a GOTHIC – HORROR – VAMPIRE – SOAP OPERA that ran from the years 1966- 1971. This truly is the weirdest soap opera ever made — possibly the weirdest TV show of all time. It is hard to believe that this program ever even existed in the first place —     I am glad it did.                                                                                     darkshadowtextdarkshadowsdarkshadows$(KGrHqR,!iIE3Qwy-95PBOIKP18b2Q___3527c7ad9d93f03187b424533be516e951700614382-88fc3c6d4ccc9ac9ed661352fee5e0d5055ac8592e711af8453ad8d0ea75fb27--tv-series-shadowsBarnabasdarkshadows1barnabas-collins-1101cccafa6c1ad449e0c2ec440c67503ddark-shadows1darkshadowscollage01

8 thoughts on “DARK SHADOWS”

  1. Whenever I was a child and went to my grandmothers, this was part of her ‘stories’. Several years ago when American Horror Story first started, I decided to buy the complete coffin DVD set (super cool packaging, btw) so my wife and I could watch it in order from the beginning. It’s taken 6ish years for us to make it through about 500 episodes! More spookieness for years to come! Great show!


  2. Man, when I was a kid I had the Dark Shadows board game, where you would put together a glow in the dark skeleton as you went around the board. I wish I had saved that one.


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