DARK SHADOWS was a GOTHIC – HORROR – VAMPIRE – SOAP OPERA that ran from the years 1966- 1971. This truly is the weirdest soap opera ever made — possibly the weirdest TV show of all time. It is hard to believe that this program ever even existed in the first place —     I am glad it did.                                                                                     darkshadowtextdarkshadowsdarkshadows$(KGrHqR,!iIE3Qwy-95PBOIKP18b2Q___3527c7ad9d93f03187b424533be516e951700614382-88fc3c6d4ccc9ac9ed661352fee5e0d5055ac8592e711af8453ad8d0ea75fb27--tv-series-shadowsBarnabasdarkshadows1barnabas-collins-1101cccafa6c1ad449e0c2ec440c67503ddark-shadows1darkshadowscollage01

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7 thoughts on “DARK SHADOWS”

  1. I only got through he first episode of this ! … based on the excellent selection of pictures here I will go back and revisit the rest of the series 🦇

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  2. I recall in the early 1970s my grandmother watching a soap opera called “The Edge of Night” that seemed to have an underlying supernatural element. Hardly anyone ever talks about that one any more.

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