The 1970’s: Decade of the Blockbuster


5 thoughts on “The 1970’s: Decade of the Blockbuster”

  1. 70’s, 7 Tease, seven T’s is TTTTTTT a bridge, a pathWAY, a builder or train tRACK, coming or becoming the next HIGHway that adds LOCOmotion to the PICtur this in hUR man cave… Wondering, wandering, and MEanduRING money, people, and things thRU HOLLYwood hILLS and theATEur SEAts fore all to €Njoin or tag aLonG with WAATage aveNEW of the stOURS… Next Diva Please… Dive in, drive-in, or comalong in to leave with less envy, more mindcore’d, or mindFULLness of thoughts KnoT previously €NTERtained fROHM out Side SOURsays, foundations, and cLIPS, 4bet hUR..or worse… deep €NDing UPon the way in wiTch you wUR sPUN… The deck-AID, of the bLOCKbustUR.. that ushered €N reMAKEs, SPINoffs, and 2b continued’s…….

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  2. The 70s would change so much for films and certainly SF starting with THX 1138, A Clockwork Orange, Westworld, and of course Star Wars. Thank you very much for these nostalgic reminders from that decade.

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    1. I only featured a few – there were lots of other films – The Godfather, The Exorcist, Apocalypse Now, Animal House, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Omen, Blazing Saddles – could certainly be considered Blockbusters.

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      1. I was 22 when I finally saw one groundbreaking early-70s film. It was Deliverance. I first bought it on VHS while vacationing in Florida.

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