Put King Crimson in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame/ Happy Birthday Robert Fripp


Another legendary band that has been ignored by the so called music experts who run the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. King Crimson has been around since 1969 and guitarist Robert Fripp has been an influence on countless musicians including Jimi Hendrix! They DESERVE better treatment by these people at the Hall of Fame. Does anyone agree?

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7 thoughts on “Put King Crimson in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame/ Happy Birthday Robert Fripp”

  1. Crimson, the colour of blood, fore an oath, a group, or a blood bath in it fore washing A Way deeper reds and flushing out the contaminates that groupies salivate towards other bands with diffeRinG colours, shades, and rooms with other ViewS of pale waters that connect gaps in generations unsure of the Times they’re inCOhearANT of to connect the dots… Deeper… wh€N does Red become purple, when does crimSON become the Tide… Lack keys built-up upON other’s FounD day shins, and keep PinG the industry a Live… When all they wanted was to stay a Live in their mom€Nts withOUT another group taKING off with their rhythms and chords… Halls of Fame LAMEnt on stums never inducted, induced, charTRUced, or introduced inTWO a SOWciety that doeSENT accept foreFRONTs without paying homAGE to the STOREfront… Fans, gains, and pocketBOOKs deSIDE who’s in-it fore the advertiSING of PROduceURs…

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  2. If the rock & roll hall of fame was truly legit only bands deemed Rock and Roll should be in there. As much as I appreciate almost every genre of music: It really shouldn’t include Pop, Soul, R&B Country, Dance, Electronic, Rap, Disco ECT. I’d want to include the blues primarily guitar blues.

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    1. A lot of these bands will probably get in when they start to run out of bands for the Hall of Fame. Some of the biggest bands of the 70’s have not even been considered yet.


  3. I wonder about this. Most people really don’t know who King Crimson was.. even myself, I only know of it because my 2nd job was in a ‘record’ store and I listened to everything..I think it will take a lot to get them in.

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