The Blood On Satan’s Claw – 1971


6 thoughts on “The Blood On Satan’s Claw – 1971”

  1. SA’s TAN’d cLAW?? Must 🐝 Bee the SANtee tHAT hue’S get wROhNg… ROhN, he’s hOUR SUn, that’s hIS nAMe… BLOod SOUNs of an after-NOON MOOn… €NVy, that’s URTh’s LiT MOOn.. mUSt bee A MooD we’re €N… WombMEN wHO don’T kNOw tH€iR MooDs, and m€N tHAT warSHIP bLUd OAths.. where’s the ALphA OhMegA?? whOA, tHiS P.L.ace is whORe’d.. ore’ a WHORe’, or the SUMar of aLL things..LATTe’ UR thANNe’ we thINK… Buncha’ INK’d w€LLs, TaToO’S, and PAR LORe’ trickSTIRS… GotTAh bee A LAW in tHERE sumWEAR… SUMAR, ore’ LATur, A tOAD €N “the desURt”… May bee 🐝 the SANd, MAN wILL sLEAP a WAY hOUR TEARsss… Say Tan… SA, TAN’d.. SOUNs LiK€N 2SAt URNs… ACTuALLY, there’s 3 SAtURNs… BuTT thAT’s JUs me… They’UR MOOns, knoT Suns. But ‘TiF eWe’S SAy he HAAS an AVA KAhdo €N, tHEN juPEAdUR mustARD SEE’d hymmS’ cLAWs…SANtee cLAWs… MAYbe A JUNO bug 🪲 wILL be the ILLest AMOungSt US… BLOod.. sounds lik€N OATh mEAL… WHERES LiLiTH?!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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