Stephen King’s Carrie: Book- to – Film


9 thoughts on “Stephen King’s Carrie: Book- to – Film”

  1. This is my all time favourite Stephen King story. One of my 7th grade bullies tried to re-create the locker-room scene with me as Carrie. It failed for her, thankfully for me. Now she is living in Florida and has racked up a number of arrests including meth-related stuff. Thankfully I did not need to use any magick on her. She fell on her own sword.

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  2. Question – I hear over and over about how Stephen King’s wife found the first incarnation of Carrie in the waste basket and saved it from oblivion. But you know how legends like these develop in horror fan circles. Do you think it’s really true? You hear it so often it comes across as received wisdom to me; that doesn’t mean it’s fake of course, but it makes me wonder.

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  3. i read this book in 7th grade, then the movie came out shortly afterwards. I had the one with the cover that said “4 million copy bestseller.” I got it in a drug store! To this day, I love that story and ALL the movie remakes. (I actually wrote a blog called “Carrie On” and mentioned all the movies).

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    1. Honestly, I only saw the original 1976 version of Carrie – so I can’t comment on any of the remakes. But it’s my favorite movie adaptation of a Stephen King story. I like The Shining with Jack Nicholson as well, even though it is completely different from the novel and I know that King hates it.


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