Grateful Dead: 4/3/1990

To help celebrate the birthday of drummer Bill Kreutzmann – I decided to reblog this post from one of my favorite WordPress bloggers. This guy has seen a LOT of concerts! This also features a funny story about the EASTER BUNNY. Jeff Japp has an excellent Book Review blog as well – you may want to check it out and give a follow. Happy Birthday Bill Kreutzmann.

The Stub Collection

This was the third and final night of the run of shows at the Omni. Things get stranger and stranger the more time you spend in the Grateful Dead environment, and while the first two nights proved weird (first night / second night), this day was not without its weirdness.

As was par for the course, we managed to get to the show early and found a spot amid the colorful caravan of freaks in the parking lot. Armando, Tim, and I were hanging out, sitting on the hood of the car, watching the parade of oddities move past. Then this one particularly wild-eyed casualty came up to us. His face looked recently scabbed, like he’d taken a nasty fall and scraped his face on the asphalt. He walked up to us with eyes darting schizophrenically around, like a cartoon character.

“Have you seen the Easter Bunny?”


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