5 thoughts on “Weird Tales / H. P. Lovecraft”

  1. Reading Lovecraft for the first time…wish I read it when I was a kid and reading Poe and King and Barker, et al. long spooky reading marathons under the covers with a flashlight 🙂

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      1. In reading stories like…Polaris? Beyond the Wall of Sleep? The White Ship? where visits to fantastical worlds happen…I don’t know, it’s a little eerie…like a long-forgotten memory or something (I hope I’m listing the right stories, but you know what I mean–the dream/vision journeys).

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  2. Just finished the last couple of stories…and the irony is that the character Nathanial Wingate Peaslee (in “The Shadow Out of Time”) refers to his “pseudo-familiarity” and “pseudo-memories” as a way to logically analyze why things around him feel familiar even though it’s nothing he could possibly have encountered before… *laugh*


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