The Clash: Happy Birthday Mick Jones

Clash 2Mick Jones ( born June 26, 1955 ) with  his mates in THE CLASH during the early days of PUNK ROCK: THE ONLY BAND THAT MATTERED/ Happy Birthday Mick Jones

Clash 1
The cover of their classic album LONDON CALLING -which looked very much like the first ELVIS PRESLEY album cover. Their logic was: That was the first Rock and Roll album – this is the last.

2 thoughts on “The Clash: Happy Birthday Mick Jones”

  1. Oh wow. Mick Jones, lead singer of Bad. BIG Audio Dynamite. Mega Top Phoenix. We played some Big Audio Dynamite at my brothers funeral. 3 decades ago that happened but the memory is very much like it was yesterday.

    Mick Jones, thank you so much for “being” your songs were amazing and made it so we could give my brother a great send off to the next life.

    Happy birthday Mick Jones of Big Audio Dynamite .

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  2. Saw him with BAD. One of the worst performances ever. We walked out. They were so wasted it was like watching Cheech and Chong. They were literally getting tangled in their cords and falling over, and the drummer knocked over all his drums and they had to stop and set them up again.

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