New Worlds of Science Fiction

TCCF-NuevaOla-01                                          NEW WORLDS was a British Science Fiction magazine that began in 1936 as a FANZINE called NOVAE TERRAE and was renamed NEW WORLDS in 1939.  The event which many people consider to be one of the most important in Science Fiction history, was when MICHAEL MOORCOCK became editor of NEW WORLDS. He began to feature EXPERIMENTAL and AVANT-GARDE  material.  NEW WORLDS magazine became the focus of the ” NEW WAVE ” of Science Fiction, which was heavily influenced by WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS. Reaction among the SF community was mixed.

The late HARLAN ELLISON – One of the writers associated with the NEW WAVE of Science Fiction in the 1960’s.
The NEW WAVE of Science Fiction featured in NEW WORLDS was a major influence on what would later be known as CYBERPUNK.

One thought on “New Worlds of Science Fiction”

  1. Wow this is so good. I’ve never heard of the magazine yet I live in the UK lol. I’m gonna look into this for sure. Get a load of the poster, that’s absolutely fantastic. I’d like to have my own copy framed in. A nice silver colour frame on my wall in the hall. Excellent.

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