More Star Trek : James Blish – May 23, 1921 – July 30, 1975

In the late 1960s James Blish began writing THE STAR TREK READERS  a series of paperbacks in which he adapted the scripts of what was then the late lamented original STAR TREK series. When first published Blish basically started with what fans voted as the most popular episodes and eventually worked his way through the show’s three seasons.                                                                        db480b836451991840885bf5ea076997   Also by James Blish: CITIES IN FLIGHT SERIES ( 1955 -1962 )                                                                                                     Anthologies ( 1959 – 1970 ) GALACTIC CLUSTER(1959)               CLOSE TO HOME (1961)                                                     NEW DREAMS THIS MORNING ( 1966 )  ANYWHEN (1970 )  NEBULA AWARD STORIES 5 ( 1970 )

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