4 thoughts on “H.P. Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space”

  1. Colours Out Of Space r I AM’s demise, as THe Destroyer Observes Nouns building places, narratives, and outer spaces to control the airwaves within systems, structures, and words into Waves if transmissions that become fallout from hypochrists running The Big Top.. Love, Grace Be EwE Forevermore, sweet HP, as Hues don’t see Colours, only crayons to play within lines.. Within boxes.. within squares…Pronouns set the protocols as Nouns strike to go back into slavery fore The Men. Az Verbs look into Black EyEs that Lie to your Face ,The Nation goes to the theatre fore Moor’s, never draining previous stocked swamps…Fishers of Men. Round Colours’ Will never be placed in square Pants, sow keep writing yore Lore’s thru Portals doors az r Sol listens to what dimly lit Wits Will ever theorize in coloring books, libraries of Legions, nor land barons that direct work during outbreaks that stops feeding their Beast🙏

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