When it comes to HORROR-COMEDIES there are often failed attempts by filmmakers to create something that does not end up looking CHEAP and ultimately ridiculous – you end up laughing AT the film and not WITH it. This is not the case with 1974’s YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN – MEL BROOKS gave us an actual quality movie that was REALLY funny as well… possibly the best movie of its kind – MEL BROOKS never made a better movie since this – 1974 – YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN    youngfrankenstein1974bd1668824057Young Frankensteinyoungfrankenstein11519YoungFrankenstein04Young Frankenstein 1youngfrankenstein3youngfrankensteinputtinontheritzyoung_frankenstein_704_6YoungFrankenstein1974_96522_678x380_02162016095925YoungFrankenstein08tumblr_m9u1qsmwI71qakh43o1_500YoungFrankenstein06Igor_-_Young_FrankensteinMarty Feldman Young Frankenstein2252_gene_wildermel-brooksYoung-Frankenstein-young-frankenstein-4187348-1024-768Young-Frankenstein-young-frankenstein-4187385-500-3752075e2e59236a6b7187e0ba0519309c4Young-Frankenstein-Roll-in-ze-hay-425x228young_frankenstein5-11young-frankenstein-1Young-Frankenstein-young-frankenstein-4187078-1024-768Young-Frankenstein-Rerelease-October-2016-Mel-Brooks-Introduction   Can anyone else think of some good HORROR COMEDIES ?  Let me know… there might be some great ones that I have missed!

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