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Back in 2009, I was lucky enough to see Throbbing Gristle live not just once, but twice. The concerts were in Brooklyn, at a Masonic temple. I had tickets for one night, but a friend was extremely generous enough to get me in another show, which took place on April 16th, 2009. Don’t ask, it was sheer luck.

Since my old laptop died, I’ve been going through various flash drives in order to retrieve anything. Old artwork, photographs, essays, etc. Then I found this:

TGautographApril09WEB Autographs from Throbbing Gristle. 2009. Signatures of Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris Carter and Genesis P-Orridge. 

The first night TG played at the Masonic temple, they offered to meet fans during intermission. The offer my friend had was last minute, and was not at all prepared. Wasn’t even aware about the meet and greet. All I could do was to take out my sketchbook…

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11 thoughts on “Seal – Throbbing Gristle”

  1. I don’t recall too much, but saw PTV at ICA in The Mall, London in 82 and at some god awful 8 hour gig thing in Hammersmith (85?) – life changing – met Mr. Sebastian and had belly piercing, which i still rock today. A different world… RIP GPO X

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