Monster Bash Celebrates Ray Harryhausen!

Monsters After Midnight

I’ve been a fan of Creepy Classics and Monster Bash for many years.  Creepy Classics deals in lots of classic horror and sci fi magazine’s, movies, toys and collectables. They  even carried copies of our Monsters After Midnight magazine!

I recently purchased a copy of Monster Bash mag # 1 through the creepy classics website. Monster Bash # Is The Harryhausen issue! And is a total tribute to Ray Harryhausen. Monster Kids world wide loved Ray’s stop Animation scenes which permeated action and sci fi movies from the 1940s to the 1980s.  The very first Harryhausen animated movie I seen as a kid was Mighty Joe Young.

The cover of monster bash #1 features the Yamir from the movie 20 million miles from earth. Reason being that this issue contains the last interview ever given by Ray Harryhausen who was in his 90s.


Ray poses with three warrior Skelton figures…

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One thought on “Monster Bash Celebrates Ray Harryhausen!”

  1. The Art of Ray muse’s monsters, Dinos, and warriors, oh my..insertions into the universes of awarenesses that routinely stayed within the timelines that preceded their thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that didn’t turn heads until Rays came along and wrote the turns to come away from the mundanity that kept kids adults, after all was said and done. Characters transformed into Caricatures before readers knew dinosaurs had personalities and downfalls that couldn’t compete with mythical voyages from inside the minds of conductors that bless the audience with works of art that came to life in pages, images, and movies that preceded their future🙏 thank you 💕


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