4 thoughts on “As Above, So Below”

  1. ….and here approaches Hazel, ladies and gentlemen, down the catwalk, in the new Earthen and airy Chaos cardigan…
    Sorry (ish) it’s 2:30 & I didn’t expect that picture. The whole thing lightened the mood for being awake when I shouldn’t. Thank you. That one was funny, the others are beautiful. Also, that’s my hair.

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  2. As Below, so Above, the journeys and their interpretations as Hue’s color their worlds with a few crayons, while Colours R Hues, walking around or pretending to be humane, or from wearing masks so long the make-up becomes the foundations building families and structures that blow with the prevailing winds, or remain in lockdown, nevermind changing. The gods must be crazy to create, inseminate, and rule realms beneath Their ideals… hypocrisy and blasphemy return to their creators, lawmakers, and rumor Mill. As Below, So Above, the prodigal Son has returned. Knot as Messiah, but as the golden calf, burned, melted, and transformed into a beef with management. You wrote the Word, we right the Song. Before there was You, I AM nevermore. After the Fall, I AM You. When gods’ Ages end, knew beginnings and wondering inherit the Earth… destroying rulers, their laws and ideals, and their relevance to imprisoned planets forevermore 🙏 thank you 💕

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