THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF ( Oliver Reed: February 13, 1938 – May 2, 1999)


There are those HORROR fans who consider this to be the best HAMMER film ever made – some even consider this to be the best werewolf movie ever made – I  personally am a LON CHANEY JR. fan but I must admit that the idea of OLIVER REED as a werewolf is kind of hard to beat. It can not be denied that this was a great movie in any case – HAMMER’S CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF !!!                                                                                       cursewerewolf000curseofthewerewolf1961.72031_091820171042curseofthewerewolf_shelivedlikeananimal_FC_470x264_101620170757Curse-of-the-Werewolf-hammer-horror-films-3739573-500-270curseofthewerewolfthe-curse-of-the-werewolf-13CurseoftheWerewolf (1)TheCurseoftheWerewolf2_zpsf433f573curse_of_the_werewolf_1961_3Curse_of_the_Werewolf_Oliver_Reed_dreamcurse_of_the_werewolf_oil_painting_by_oldschooldan-d4v5o65Curse of the Werewolf Reed transformationCurse of the Werewolf Reed Ripper cellCurse of the Werewolf Reedcurse-of-the-werewolf_eyescurse-of-the-werewolf-lobby-card_6-1961curse of the werewolf updated 485a9067eb02459cb0f21e3c71fb26880curse-of-the-werewolf-lobby-card_5-1961Curse-of-the-Werewolf_01cursewerewolf000437aa539ef6b3be70427f468d5a607f4curse-of-the-werewolf (2)10240871-1283337239-4660005da79-curse-of-the-werewolf-wolf-031Curse of the Werewolf Reedcursewerewolf000

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