8 thoughts on “Mary Shelley’s Valentine”

  1. Wow! I had no idea about this. That’s honestly shocking and interesting.
    Definitely in theme for Valentine’s Day for what else is love, if not meant to be kept close to you (even in a desk drawer)? Joking aside, that’s a really interesting fact!

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  2. Twin Flames hold and keep hearts, living, or knot, as bloods circulate corridors of the pumping and beatings of organs that orchestrate bodies’ essence into existing, or stopping and allowy Their passing over and remove the breathe of life that housed the Sol in temporary constraints that whipped Its psyche into believing, confusion, or rising above earthLinks. Empaths are enflamed, knot Half-hearts that take Lovers, and never let them go, when the Essene has left the building, and is borne into a new chapter that came out of the pages of docudramas. Holding the key, the Pharisee doesn’t see, nor allow any other burnt sacrificer unless to share in prayer, in the temple of the roots that grow the garden beneath the Sparks’ soiled conditioning… Raised to Be A Lover, beyond all other. Grown up to Being a consumer of another, a finders-keeper, and treasuring the remains of a prior star that arose in her field of completion. Tossed in a drawer, to stay attached, even after death due them part the red sea of blood that follows ancestors, dynasties, reincarnates, and Lovelorn that didn’t love theirSelves, and gave up all they could bare to lock up love for no one else to share… Imprisoned, and loving the thoughts that never escape captivity. 🙏Mary🙏, did you hear?🙏 Thank you 👍


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