Monsters After Midnight


I have often wondered if Tod Browning had ever realized what he created when he directed “Dracula” in 1931. Dracula was by modern standards a very modestly funded movie with a budget of approximately $355,000 dollars. A slightly higher budget than Frankenstein, which cost around $291,000 dollars to produce and also had much more complicated sets, special effects and make-up.

Without going into deep detail about the background of Dracula, the movie was of course adapted from the novel of the same name (Dracula) by Bram Stoker. The production ran as a stage play for several years before it morphed (much like a werewolf) into a movie.

The movie story line begins with one of the main characters “Renfield”   (Actor Dwight Frye) who has been sent by his superiors on an errand to secure a real estate deal. Once there its obvious that Mr. Renfield is in over his…

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2 thoughts on “DRACULA 1931”

    1. I have not seen it -I don’t watch Netflix – most of the films I watch are on DVDs or You tube. I am interested in seeing it now though – I have heard a lot of good things about this series – most people seem to agree with you about this.

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