Classic Horror, Suspense and Sci-Fi Host… Rod Serling

Monsters After Midnight

FB_IMG_1573308305984Rod Serling in his role as host of the Night Gallery.

Consider the case of .. A tall thin soft spoke man in a dark suit. He appears on your old black and white TV screen. He speaks in prose and magically opens a door to strange and scary worlds… You sit in your recliner chair, pinned to your seat, eyes fixed on the tube, holding your breath… And you are now entering….. THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

The famed Twilight Light Zone TV series occupied the best evening time slot on Television. A special zone called “prime time”. The time in which the light of day and the dark of night meet.. A place called Twilight.

Prime time shows aired in our Midwestern cities here on planet earth, in the central time zone between 6pm and 9pm in the evening. This was the magical time in which families sat down…

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