The Death of Dracula.. Bela Lugosi

Monsters After Midnight


By Gene Stevens Monsters After Midnight (c) 

It’s hard to think about Bela Lugosi without waxing philosophical about who Bela was and how people perceive his film career. Despite the fact that Bela played many roles on both the stage and screen. The name of Bela Lugosi and Dracula are forever intertwined together. Chances are that most people would not even be able to name any of Bela’s other characters. But it’s a foregone conclusion that they would identify Bela as Dracula and be challenged when asked to name others who played the same role.

Bela occupies the collective consciousness of fact and fiction in people’s minds. And the movie Director Tim Burton understood this about Bela when he reintroduced Bela to the public consciousness when Martin Landau played Bela Lugosi in his movie “Ed Wood”. 

Tim Burton took a lot of creative license with all of his characters in…

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One thought on “The Death of Dracula.. Bela Lugosi”

  1. Blood suckers don’t die, they transform into archons. Bela was playing a role, knot a model, cuz blood runs at higher pressures when scared, and longer transfusions under the cloak of dark knights that travel in Legions. Knight is day, and Dayz are nights to virgins and Lovers of hickies…while bats hang upside-down in caves awaiting twilight’s early light, as Sacrifices must be made to satisfy appetites of those with no light of their own to reflect back upon Dawn’s early light that send horror classics back to their caskets of tranquility…to sleep it off, or take a stake, rare.🙏 Thank you

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