Lon Chaney; Phantom of The Opera, The Great Unmasking. By Gene Stevens Monsters After Midnight

Monsters After Midnight


Art imitates life and life imitates art. No where is the more apparent than in the movies. Those who produced movies in the early days of film knew this. They used it and profited from it. Love and hate are the most powerful emotions that humans know. People need to be loved, acknowledged and affirmed by other people. These are among the greatest needs of people. We express our needs through body language, facial expressions and words. In the early days of film. One of the most critical elements of expression was missing.. And that missing element was the use of language.

I’ve always loved Lon Chaney’s portrayal of the people that he created on the silver screen. Early Silent films were just that………….. Silent. Free of the encumbrance  of speech, free of the beauty of color and free of the deep complications that modern cinema presents to the viewer…

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