Forbidden PLANET

Monsters After Midnight

Before Star Trek, There was… FORBIDDEN PLANET!


On Saturday, July 27th, Svengoolie showed  Forbidden Planet. The movie is a technologically savvy film that dared to take a look at future events.  I really enjoyed assessing the film’s ideas of modern culture and modern technology from today’s perspective. Within the first few minutes of FP you immediately realize that you’re watching the model on which the series Star Trek was based.  In opening scenes the handsome and swashbuckling Captain, played by Leslie Nielsen identifies his vessel as a member of the federation of planets. Ever heard that before? The ship on which they travel through the vastness of space has a good and well seasoned crew of officers and men. And science is their motivation, as they boldly go where no space crew has gone before.


Forbidden Planet also introduces us to the famed Robby the Robot. Robby has a whole…

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One thought on “Forbidden PLANET”

  1. Forbidden planets show the hidden seeking their monster’s Dreamer playing outside and over their heads of subconscious activities that come to life while sleeping dogs lay drifting in nightmares that come to live amongst the superstitions that brought them into waking hours of fear brought to life by believing in their creations when asleep at the wheel of their Fortune..or allowing the dream to control the Observer. Monsters, under beds, in heads and frightening hearts to wake up scared of what they dreamt, and play out on-screen, in life, and in fears that don’t rest in us when we go to bed..but the monsters wake up before the body rises, never sleeping, only dreaming of when they’ll be wreak havoc on their creators.🙏 Thank you 👍💕🙏

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