THE BLOB – 1958


The original classic starring the late STEVE McQUEEN. There was a remake of this in the 80s that was actually quite well liked by some people ( I was not such a big fan of the remake myself) and a sequel to the original film in the 1970s that was actually directed by LARRY HAGMAN of  I DREAM OF JEANNIE and DALLAS — kind of bizarre when you think about it. The original 1958 film was the best of course and here is a look back at it.                             THE BLOB…                                                                The_Blob-1958-MSS-004the_blob__1958_blobblob1958the_blobTHE BLOB (1958) 6hqdefault (12)The_Blob_Original_Feature_Current_originalthe-blob-colonial-theatre-phoenixville-pathe blob 1958 3the blob 1958 2the blob 1958 1The Blob 1958 1 (1)the-blob-1958-steve-mcqueen-girl-doctorBlob5blob112333QeKO8os5FEZGUFOF4M49UyKfnh4-the-blob-1958--for-aliens-with-unstoppable-hungerblob-at-doctorblobthe_blob_1958                               …

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5 thoughts on “THE BLOB – 1958”

  1. The Blob that keeps consuming everyones’ insight and takes no prisoners.. taking on others hands, arms, and bodies that never fill the stomachs of flesh eating zombies growing into feeding frenzies that can’t be contained in movie theaters by their directors. hunger lurches forward as screaming runs past deaf ears and dumb ones seeking a closer view of a kill.. now frozen by the cooling down processed gases keeps the rage encased, until its time to go shopping, for filling its basket with more humans, products.. that get bought, sold, and eaten on the open larger consumers that prey and feed on their buyers. The Blob is a neverending story, of black friday, when the reality horror show begins, and Their Clause comes to town, dressed as a clown, the bigtop returns, and sets up the tents for participants. Thank you👍💕🙏

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