Cooking Up Some Lovecraft

Necronomnomnom bookAs a horror fan that loves books, who happens to live with two amazing cooks (my wife and son), it isn’t uncommon for me to occasionally buy them a cookbook that has some tie to the horror genre. Most of them are pretty generic or tend to be more on the treat side, like for Halloween parties and whatnot. But I recently stumbled across a recently published book that looked interesting, so I ordered it. Once it arrived and we started to page and read through it, we quickly realized the genius within the pages.

The Necronomnomnom was written by Mike Slater and Thomas Roache, published back last month from Countryman Press. It is 208 pages filled with 50 different recipes but with a very Lovecraftian twist to them, such as the Gin and Miskatonic drink, or The Great Old Buns, the Deep Fried Deep One, or some Cthus-Koos! Now…

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7 thoughts on “Cooking Up Some Lovecraft”

  1. When Love cooks the books, the Magi within brews the treats that give aromas of spices, not half-baked confessions with no higher lessons than stirring the Pot… from a cook to a chef changes the structural integrity of the gradients that make-up mental meals to feast upon, or instant gratification snacks with sugar on top to bury taste buds in consuming, rather than consumptions that seat formal dining that required dress codes, rites, and cauldrons that spill ointments, concoctions, and notions that feed peasants and upset governance feeding off Them.. the fox raids the chicken coop for a holy sacrifice while the farmer raises them for slaughter and money, to keep the Butchers working, feeding the masses with unclean spirits… Love the Craft, or devour the pre-packaged carcasses sold by the cannibals who throw bones to the dogs…and bury them. Books become the cooks, who follow recipes of elegance (allegiance). cooks, books, and Crafts make legends..for maps, lifes, and deaths of humans that became consumers, and feeders, and sleepers… πŸ’œπŸ™ Thank you πŸ’•πŸ™

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  2. Damn you for this post! I told myself I was not going to buy any more cookbooks before next year and here you are making me break my vow. Damn you again and may Cthulhu eat you and digest you for a thousand years! 😁

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