Comic book cave of awesome


“Man-Gods from Beyond the Stars”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alex Nino

Far in the past an alien expedition arrives on the planet Earth. The aliens look like humans and are there to observe the primitive inhabitants. The inhabitants naturally assume the visitors are gods and start to give them offerings. The aliens have a strict policy of non-interference but the commander decides to break that rule in saving a girl from a sabertooth. His second in command mutinies and deserts to set himself up as a god. Meanwhile we learn the truth of the aliens. There was a war and a race of soldiers were created. When the war was over the soldier were dumped on Earth and this is the origin of the human race.

“Erich Von Daniken: The Man Behind A Phenomenon”

A brief biography of Erich Von Daniken the author of Chariots of the Gods and the…

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