Halloween Season Movie Recommendations: EVIL DEAD 2


EVIL DEAD 2 -DEAD BY DAWN – This really is an obvious choice for a great film to watch this time of year – but there are always those who are still IN THE DARK about such things- if EVIL DEAD 2 has happened to slip past your radar – make sure you don’t miss out on one of the essential HORROR movies.

Evil-Dead-II-mirrorevil-dead-ii-still-3evil-dead-2Evil-Dead-2-4-Movie-Posterevil-dead-2 (3)evil-dead-2-handED2Ashevil-dead-ii-512c12638a067evil-dead-2 (4)evildead2sebdcap6_originalevil-dead-2_560795_11029evil-dead-2 (1)ed21evildead2sebdcap5_originalevildead2bdcap6_originalEvilDead2_149Pyxurzevil-dead2_drawing_smevil-dead-2-26543levildead2sebdcap6_originalEvil-Dead-II-1987-horror-movies-31605516-500-313evil-dead-2-9642l

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