Erich Von Daniken’s book — CHARIOTS OF THE GODS — was the start of the ever – popular ANCIENT ASTRONAUT THEORY  — that the human race was actually created by ALIENS.  We later learned that VON DANIKEN actually ripped off this idea from H.P. LOVECRAFT — like countless others. However — it is still a fun concept.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY VON DANIKEN.                                                                                                                         chariots-of-the-gods-book-cover093a505930a4f04a227310f863d56fc5--ancient-aliens-ancient-artufo-n-art9Michael_Pacher_00411 (2)tumblr_nzrrnets0P1qz9v0to5_1280edaeabd92358c2714cab8056e1e15041--egyptian-mythology-egyptian-art41QV1Z5A25L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_eae99046977ad2fb8fd8ac138a25a269carlisleEzekielChariot3907299202_1e077531c0_b650122a5b2dt338o41kw9EtYNvL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_97815384751197512a6169db92c71a3fb65f5f50e68d7

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6 thoughts on “CHARIOTS OF THE GODS”

    1. The same with me – I knew about this book before I heard of Lovecraft as well – there was also a documentary based on Chariots Of The Gods in the early 70s that was narrated by Rod Serling – this type of stuff was really popular in those days – Thanks for the comment.

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