Elements 2016

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Started this sketch back in January, two weeks after David Bowie died. Suppose it was the Aladdin Sane influence. Started to color it in with colored pencil, but then decided that the Prang brand wasn’t good enough. Needed my pack of Prismacolor. Couldn’t find the Prismacolor colored pencils, so I put the sketch aside.

March rolled around, and came across this sketch. I shrugged, since I couldn’t find the Prismacolor. Figured maybe it was best left alone and considered it finished. By then I was going through my old esoteric books and looking at retro Sci-Fi fantasy art online.

Yesterday I was looking for my King Crimson CD. The classic one “In The Court of The Crimson King.” Of course, I then couldn’t find my CD, ’cause I’m so organized. Guess what? Didn’t find the CD, but instead found – you guessed it – my Prismacolor colored pencils. It was…

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