Comic book cave of awesome

“Editorial in a Zone Forbidden”
By Don McGregor

An editorial on his time at the Academy of Comic Book Arts. How beautiful the main story looks and rambles on about other stuff.

“Malaguena Beyond the Zone Forbidden”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Mike Ploog

So Gunpowder Julius and Steely Dan agree to take the Lawgiver, Jason and Alexander back home on their riverboat Simian.Along the way they have to fight off giant mutant frogs. They come on a settlement of gypsies composed of both humans and apes. At first they are greeted with suspicion but are invited to dinner. Things go fine until a jealous chimp named Grimaldi hits Jason for flirting with Malaguena a human girl. The gypsy leader Mama Lena has the two fight with knives to the death. Jason defeats Grimaldi but refuses to kill him. Then a laser blasts Grimaldi for Brutus has arrived with the…

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