BOBBY ” BORIS” PICKETT  — CREATOR OF THE 1962 CLASSIC — THE MONSTER MASH — WAS BORN ON THIS DAY FEBRUARY 11, 1938. THIS WAS THE ORIGINAL –HORROR ROCK  SONG — WITHOUT THIS SONG THERE WOULD HAVE NOT BEEN BANDS LIKE THE MISFITS, THE CRAMPS, 45 GRAVE — MAYBE EVEN GOTH ROCK WOULD NOT HAVE EXISTED.    R.I.P.  BOBBYBobby-Boris-Pickettbobby-boris-pickett-and-the-cryptkickers-monster-mash-1962-7bobby-boris-pickett-and-the-cryptkickers-monster-mash-1962-8 (1)Buried Treasures5113802787_a5e7367362_zBobby-Boris-Pickett-Monster-Mash-classic-songs-to-rock-this-Halloween-480x330hqdefault (50)6a00d8341c556453ef00e54f126cd68833-640wiBobby Boris Pickett61ZlGPWxfAL._SX342_QL70_58bba074086c71494d602e144432a83aae17e2be (2)

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