FREAKS — BIZARRE 1932 CLASSIC HORROR FILM PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY ‘ DRACULA ‘ DIRECTOR —TOD BROWNING –THIS IS ONE OF THE STRANGEST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN — BANNED IN MANY PLACES AND CONSIDERED ‘ SICK ‘ AT THE TIME OF ITS RELEASE IN 1932.  ALSO A BIG INFLUENCE ON THE RAMONES —- GABBA GABBA HEY !!!tumblr_luirbaUrMu1qcay1ao1_500 (1)tumblr_nelqdjWHo91s0y84ko1_500Browning.Freaks.GroupCrawlfreaks-la-monstrueuse-parade-1932-05-gthfreaks-1932 (2)tumblr_l6nzrw9g5Z1qbwvhpo1_400tumblr_nkio1d6OZc1r6qeupo4_250freaks-1932-large-picturefreaks-1932-castrepulsive-freaksfreaks-1932 (1)5c1aa673716d74509be3cddff9de03d7Annex - Baclanova, Olga (Freaks)_04Freaks-1932maxresdefault (38)freaks (1)DefiantAggressiveFinch-size_restrictedDefiantAggressiveFinch-size_restrictedDefiantAggressiveFinch-size_restrictedDefiantAggressiveFinch-size_restricted

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4 thoughts on “FREAKS”

    1. Freaks is definitely one of the weirdest movies ever made – hard to believe it was even shown on television. I can believe that this movie was banned in so many countries when it was first released! Thanks for the comments Melanie


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