This post is dedicated to the late WFMU disc jockey WILLIAM BERGER who opened up his radio program each week with the ZOMBIE theme.                                            fulci-zombie79de3a52d1395685d5b09bac634c12db79de3a52d1395685d5b09bac634c12db79de3a52d1395685d5b09bac634c12db79de3a52d1395685d5b09bac634c12dbhousebythecemeteryukfulci_2Zombie flesh eaters 1979 quad wallpaper V2 Beyond Horror DesignZombie-2-615x258House by the Cemetery 1zombie_fulci_imdbzombiezombiezombieZOMBIE poster by Beyond Horror Designzombieflesheaters-1zombie31zombie1The Beyond 1981 Lucio Fulci Beyond Horror DesignZOMBI 2 13ZOMBI 2 14zombi_2zombi2_2


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